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Locally & Naturally Brewed

Railway City Brewing creates a series of locally, handcrafted beers in St. Thomas, Ontario. 

No corn syrup here! We proudly feature malted barley (grain), hops, yeast, and water as our primary ingredients. 

Each beer is locally brewed, all natural, and crafted in small batches, using only the finest ingredients with no artificial adjuncts or preservatives. 

Our brewery operation features a 20-hectolitre system comprised of a kettle, mash tun, hot liquor tank, and a number of 10, 20, and 40hl fermenters and conditioning tanks. 

Brock Street Brewing Company has been proudly serving Durham Region since 2015, focusing on small batch, premium craft product with all natural ingredients. Founded by 4 best friends, they received Newcomer of the Year at the 2016 Ontario Brewing Awards, and has won numerous awards since then with the OBA and the Canadian Brewing Awards! Brock Street Brewing Co. is proud to be part of restoring history and life to downtown Whitby, as they are working hard to renovate and relocate to their new location - a 17,000 sq/ft old firehall (coming soon!)