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100% Canadian Made From 100% Canadian Grapes
This combination of wineries, they are both a grower and producer of distinct wines using cool-climate practices along with selective use of the Appassimento process.
Frisky Beaver wines are a fun, casual experience, while Smoke & Gamble wines are for those who want to explore the deeper side of their palette. Both collections boast award wining wines
Their beautiful facility consists of a retail space, tasting room, production area, patio, breathtaking views, and a food truck!

Everything Good Comes From The Earth

Since 1998, when we opened our Niagara farm, home and hearts to our guests, The Good Earth Food and Wine Co. has been a haven for discerning food and wine lovers and an oasis for the senses. Our gardens, orchards and vineyards provide a spectacular backdrop for wine and culinary experiences that reflect all the good things the earth has to offer.

Three Generations of Winemaking

With vineyards first planted in 1970, Redi and Roberto Quai drew on their European heritage to establish this scenic country estate. Roberto and his wife, Lisa, opened the doors of the winery in 1990 and welcome you to experience the flavours and bounty of Lake Erie's pastoral north shore.

At Quai du Vin Estate Winery (pronounced "K dew vañ"), the focus is the established winemaking and retailing operation that feature and compliment the vineyard and the scenic location. Marketing and distribution are direct from their farm gate to your door, anywhere in Canada. Quai du Vin produces over 90,000 bottles per year and has celebrated its "Millionth Bottle" in July, 2002. Visit them year round to taste the latest vintage, tour the vineyards or just relax with a glass on their Wine Press Terrace. 

Beautiful Acreage, Beautiful Wine
What began as a simple vineyard has grown, in eight short years, into one of Essex County's most talked about and respected producers of world class wine. The property consists of beautiful 67 acres, and is much more than a winery. You'll find abundant wildlife, lush vegetation, ponds, and a wetland that the winery worked to restore.
Their fantastic wines (of which they have 20 different varietal under their label) have won many awards and will appeal to every palette. 
25 Years, 35 Acres
Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery is a family run operation that has been producing quality Ontario grapes on the shores of Lake Erie.  They have been in operation since 2006 as a winery when Gord and Hannah Mitchell decided to pursue their dream together with their children. 
Sprucewood Shores is a destination winery within the EPIC region with a majestic building overlooking the lake, vineyards, and a protected wetland. Specializing as an events center, they offer a premium location for weddings, fundraisers, and family events.  Sprucewood has over 21 quality wines that they produce, and with a broad pallette of styles to ensure there is something that everyone can enjoy.

Not just a winery; it’s a lifestyle.

Marc and Anne Alton began a dream job in September 2005, when they purchased their property just west of London, near the town of Forest. They had a vision of creating a vineyard, a winery, and a new wine region in Ontario. They were city folk, with no experience, working in isolation from other wine regions.

In spring 2006, they hand planted the first research acre, watering every vine by hand and recording the vine health and weather statistics. More than fifteen different varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Frontenac and Marechal Foch were tested. 

Sustainable farm practices include a herd of 17 sheep that assist with weed control and soil fertilization.  Each bottle produced is a labour of love, the fulfillment of a dream, and the story of success.

We have a large selection available at all times. Contact us to order wine from any of our fabulous manufacturers